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usage: Nhi1Exec ?Options? 

  Custom short options:

    -l   lookup a tool-path (yes|no)                                                   =  no
    -d   start executable in debug mode (0|1|2|3|4)                                    =  0
    -r   add tcp or uds to the argument(s) (no|tcp|uds)                                =  no

  Custom long options:

         directory to find the environment file                                 =  
         does not try to expand the arguments (yes|no)                                 =  no
         extra arguments for just after executable                                     =  

  Help options:

         help for libmqmsgque-test-suite (yes|no)                                      =  no
         help for libmqmsgque (yes|no)                                                 =  no
         additional help for NhiExec (yes|no)                                          =  no

  Tool options:

         use >Nhi1Make check TEST_LOG_FLAGS="..."                                      =  no
         creat LOAD to stress, 0=no, >0=stress (good=20)                               =  0
         eval a test-script                                                            =  

  Debugging options:

         view logfile of argument                                                      =  no
         be verbose (yes|no)                                                           =  no
         edit Nhi1Exec code (yes|no)                                                   =  no
         prefix test with (no|cg|gdb|gui|hg|jdb|kdbg|lc|lcs|lcsg|lcsnoc|sr|st|vg|vgs)  =  no
         additional options vor prefix                                                 =  no
         edit Nhi1Exec code                                                            =  ~/.valgrind.supp

  Global options:

    -c                 : clean screen
    -v                 : get the version information
    -i(+)              : use (not) the interactive mode
    -s(+)              : save (not) the configuration
    -p(+)              : print (not) the configuration
    --help,-h          : get user usage
    --help-environment : get environment database usage
    --help-setup       : get setup usage