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The libmkkernel::MkRuntimeRLS, a thread-local storage for application-global data … More...

+ Collaboration diagram for MkRuntimeC_Interface_C_API:


struct  libmkkernel::MkRuntimeCallbackS
 keep callback related data … More...


#define MkThreadLocal   __thread
#define MK_RT_IS_ARG   1
#define MK_RT_ARGS_ONLY   MK_RT mkrt
#define MK_RT_CALL_ONLY   mkrt
#define MK_RT_CALL_O(o)   MkRT_O(o),
#define MK_RT_CALL_X(x)   MkRT_X(x),
#define MK_RT_NULL   NULL,
#define MK_RT_PTR   mkrt
#define MK_RT_REF   (*mkrt)
#define MK_RT_CALL_RT(ptr)   ptr,
#define MK_RT_PARSER_ONLY   MK_RT_ARGS_ONLY __parser__(internal,default=N#RUNTIME)
#define MK_RT_ATTR_NONNULL_1   __attribute__((nonnull(2)))
#define MK_RT_ATTR_NONNULL_2   __attribute__((nonnull(3)))
#define MK_RT_ATTR_FORMAT_1   __attribute__((format (printf, 2, 3)))
#define MK_RT_ATTR_FORMAT_2   __attribute__((format (printf, 3, 4)))
#define MK_RT_ATTR_FORMAT_4   __attribute__((format (printf, 5, 6)))
#define MK_RT_ATTR_HDL   __attribute__((nonnull(2)))
#define MK_RT_ATTR_HDL
#define MK_RT_ATTR_HDL_CHECK(x)   assert(x!=NULL)
#define MK_RT_ATTR_RUNTIME_CHECK_XN(x)   MkRtSetup_XN_RT(x)
#define MK_RT_ATTR_RUNTIME_CHECK_ON(x)   MkRtSetup_ON_RT(x)
#define MK_RT_ATTR_NONNULL_1_CHECK(x)   assert(x!=NULL)
#define MK_RT_ATTR_NONNULL_2_CHECK(x)   assert(x!=NULL)


typedef void(* libmkkernel::MkRuntimeInitF) (struct MkRuntimeS *mkRt)
 additional runtime initialization function …


MK_EXTERN MK_RT libmkkernel::MkRuntimeInit (MK_RT const mkrt)
 initialize libmkkernel::MkRuntimeRLS
MK_RT libmkkernel::MkRuntimeGet (void)
 return a initialized libmkkernel::MkRuntimeRLS


MK_EXTERN_DATA MkThreadLocal struct MkRuntimeS libmkkernel::MkRuntimeRLS
 RLS …


Register callback used to setup library-local runtime attributes …

Sometimes the features provided by libmkkernel::MkRuntimeRLS are not fullfilling the requirements of the implementation. Sometimes the functions provided by the libmkkernel::MkRuntimeRLS do not meet the implementation requirements. Two methods are offered to retrofit the missing capability:

Example from "LibLcConfig_java.c": add a runtime-callback to implement a specific type.
// LC classes
MkThreadLocal MK_TYP LcConfigC_TT = NULL;
MkThreadLocal MK_TYP LcSettingC_TT = NULL;
static struct MkRuntimeCallbackS sLcRuntimeCallback = {0};
static void sConfigRuntimeCallback ( struct MkRuntimeS * mkrt ) {
LcConfigC_TT = MkTypeCreate(LcConfigC, MkObjectC, "LcConfigC");
LcConfigC_TT->constructor = pConfigCreate;
LcConfigC_TT->destructor = pConfigDelete;
LcSettingC_TT = MkTypeCreate(LcSettingC, MkObjectC, "LcSettingC");
LcSettingC_TT->constructor = pSettingCreate;
LcSettingC_TT->destructor = pSettingDelete;
if (LcSetupThread) {
void LcSetup(void) {
sLcRuntimeCallback.mkrt = mkrt;
sLcRuntimeCallback.cb = NS(sLcRuntimeCallback);
// class specific initialization
MkRuntimeCallbackAdd( &sLcRuntimeCallback );
struct MkTypeS * MK_TYP
class-shortcut for struct MkTypeS *, all shortcut using the XX_YYY syntax (only for public API) …
Definition kernel_mk.h:3069
#define MkTypeCreate(clsV, basicV, identV)
Definition kernel_mk.h:5588
#define MkThreadLocal
Definition kernel_mk.h:2362
Definition kernel_mk.h:2366
MK_EXTERN void MkRuntimeCallbackAdd(struct MkRuntimeCallbackS *cbdata, MK_RT mkrt, MkRuntimeInitF rt_callback, MK_STRN ident)
add a callback to the runtime …
MK_EXTERN void libmkkernel::MkRuntimeCallbackAdd (struct MkRuntimeCallbackS *cbdata, MK_RT mkrt, MkRuntimeInitF rt_callback, MK_STRN ident)
 add a callback to the runtime
MK_EXTERN void libmkkernel::MkRuntimeCallbackDel (struct MkRuntimeCallbackS *cbdata)
 delete a callback from the runtime


#define MkRT   (&MkRuntimeRLS)
#define MkRT_R   (MkRuntimeRLS)
#define MkRT_O(o)   ((o) && (*o).objRt ? (*o).objRt : MkRuntimeGet())
#define MkRT_X(x)   ((x) && MkOBJ_R(x).objRt ? MkOBJ_R(x).objRt : MkRuntimeGet())
#define MkRT_ONN(o)   ((*o).objRt)
#define MkRT_ON(o)   ( (*o).objRt ? (*o).objRt : MkRuntimeGet())
#define MkRT_XN(x)   ( MkOBJ_R(x).objRt ? MkOBJ_R(x).objRt : MkRuntimeGet())
#define MkRtSetup_O(o)   MK_RT_UNUSED MK_RT const mkrt = MkRT_O(o)
#define MkRtSetup_X(x)   MK_RT_UNUSED MK_RT const mkrt = MkRT_X(x)
#define MkRtSetup_XN(x)   MK_RT_UNUSED MK_RT const mkrt = MkRT_XN(x)
#define MkRtSetup_ON(o)   MK_RT_UNUSED MK_RT const mkrt = MkRT_ON(o)
#define MkRtSetup_NULL   MK_RT_UNUSED MK_RT const mkrt = MkRuntimeGet();
#define MkRtSetup_RT(r)   MK_RT_UNUSED MK_RT const mkrt = r;
#define MkRtSetupFromRtExt(rtx)   MK_RT_UNUSED MK_RT const mkrt = MkRTEXT_R(rtx).mkrthead;
#define MkRtSetup_O_RT(o)   if (mkrt == NULL) mkrt = MkRT_O(o)
#define MkRtSetup_X_RT(x)   if (mkrt == NULL) mkrt = MkRT_X(x)
#define MkRtSetup_XN_RT(x)   if (mkrt == NULL) mkrt = MkRT_XN(x)
#define MkRtSetup_ON_RT(o)   if (mkrt == NULL) mkrt = MkRT_ON(o)
#define MkRtSetup_NULL_RT   if (mkrt == NULL) mkrt = MkRT

Detailed Description

The libmkkernel::MkRuntimeRLS, a thread-local storage for application-global data …

read also: MkRuntimeC DETAIL

The goal of the runtime-interface is to provide the best performane for thread and non-thread.
Characteristics of the runtime:
The libmkkernel::MkRuntimeRLS is defined as: MkThreadLocal struct MkRuntimeS MkRuntimeRLS = {0};.
threaded versa non-threaded:
The libmkkernel::MkRuntimeRLS access is different for threaded and non-threaded.
  • To avoid the expensive MkRT function call in a threaded-environment the MK_RT_xxx and MkRtSetup_xxx macros are used to access the libmkkernel::MkRuntimeRLS.
what storage resolve access how speed
threaded TLS run-time local-cache via mkrt fast
non-threaded SGS compile-time direct via MkRT fast
Create the local-cache:
The local-cache is only required for a threaded-environment and defined as mkrt variable initialized with a pointer to the libmkkernel::MkRuntimeRLS :
  • In a runtime-aware function the local-cache is always as first argument in the function.
    void myfunc( get-local-cache arg1, arg2, arg... ) {
  • In a non-runtime-aware function the local-cache have to be created because the first argument is not available:
    void myfunc( arg1, arg2, arg... ) {
    define-local-cache ...
In a non-runtime-aware function the local-cache is created from the instance or from the MkRT.
source local-cache is created with example speed
instance MkRtSetup_O , MkRtSetup_X MkSetup_X(instance) fast
MkRT MkRtSetup_NULL MkSetup_NULL slow
Access to the runtime:
Do not use mkrt directly because mkrt will disappear in a non-threaded-environment.
access as macro threaded nothreaded example speed
reference MK_RT_REF (*mkrt) MkRuntimeRLS MK_RT_REF.debug fast
pointer MK_RT_PTR mkrt (&MkRuntimeRLS) MK_RT_PTR->debug slow
Always try to use the MK_RT_REF for best performance in a threaded and non-threaded-environment.
Define and Call a runtime-aware function:
It is a difference if a runtime-aware function is called with or without argument.
args function definition function parser extension function call
Between the MK_RT_ARGS... and MK_RT_CALL... and the first argument is no comma.
Example: a runtime-aware function
void myfunc (MK_RT_ARGS int arg1, int arg2, ...) { ... }
#define MK_RT_ARGS
Definition kernel_mk.h:2365
Example: call a runtime-aware function
myfunc ( MK_RT_CALL 1 , 2 , ... );
#define MK_RT_CALL
Definition kernel_mk.h:2367
Example: setup of the runtime in a non-runtime-aware function with instance argument
void myfunc (MK_RT_ARGS MK_BUF mybuf, MK_INT someValue) {
MkRtSetup_X(mybuf); // define mkrt local cache
MK_RT_REF.debug = someValue; // use the local-cache as reference to access the MkRuntimeRLS
struct MkBufferS * MK_BUF
class-shortcut for struct MkBufferS *, all shortcut using the XX_YYY syntax (only for public API) …
Definition kernel_mk.h:2925
signed int MK_INT
4 byte integer data-type
Definition kernel_mk.h:2642
#define MkRtSetup_X(x)
#define MK_RT_REF
Definition kernel_mk.h:2374
All functions and macros used are related to the namespace of the library:
  • The namespace from libmkkernel is mk or Mk or MK
  • The namespace from libmqmsgque is mq or Mq or MQ
  • The namespace from liblcconfig is lc or Lc or LC
  • ...

Macro Definition Documentation



Definition at line 2365 of file kernel_mk.h.


#define MK_RT_ARGS_ONLY   MK_RT mkrt

Definition at line 2364 of file kernel_mk.h.


#define MK_RT_ATTR_FORMAT_1   __attribute__((format (printf, 2, 3)))

Definition at line 2381 of file kernel_mk.h.


#define MK_RT_ATTR_FORMAT_2   __attribute__((format (printf, 3, 4)))

Definition at line 2382 of file kernel_mk.h.


#define MK_RT_ATTR_FORMAT_4   __attribute__((format (printf, 5, 6)))

Definition at line 2383 of file kernel_mk.h.

◆ MK_RT_ATTR_HDL [1/2]

#define MK_RT_ATTR_HDL   __attribute__((nonnull(2)))

Definition at line 2387 of file kernel_mk.h.

◆ MK_RT_ATTR_HDL [2/2]

#define MK_RT_ATTR_HDL

Definition at line 2387 of file kernel_mk.h.


#define MK_RT_ATTR_HDL_CHECK (   x)    assert(x!=NULL)

Definition at line 2421 of file kernel_mk.h.


#define MK_RT_ATTR_NONNULL_1   __attribute__((nonnull(2)))

Definition at line 2379 of file kernel_mk.h.


#define MK_RT_ATTR_NONNULL_1_CHECK (   x)    assert(x!=NULL)

Definition at line 2426 of file kernel_mk.h.


#define MK_RT_ATTR_NONNULL_2   __attribute__((nonnull(3)))

Definition at line 2380 of file kernel_mk.h.


#define MK_RT_ATTR_NONNULL_2_CHECK (   x)    assert(x!=NULL)

Definition at line 2427 of file kernel_mk.h.



Definition at line 2386 of file kernel_mk.h.


#define MK_RT_ATTR_RUNTIME_CHECK_ON (   x)    MkRtSetup_ON_RT(x)

Definition at line 2425 of file kernel_mk.h.


#define MK_RT_ATTR_RUNTIME_CHECK_XN (   x)    MkRtSetup_XN_RT(x)

Definition at line 2424 of file kernel_mk.h.



Definition at line 2367 of file kernel_mk.h.



Definition at line 2371 of file kernel_mk.h.



Definition at line 2370 of file kernel_mk.h.


#define MK_RT_CALL_O (   o)    MkRT_O(o),

Definition at line 2368 of file kernel_mk.h.


#define MK_RT_CALL_ONLY   mkrt

Definition at line 2366 of file kernel_mk.h.


#define MK_RT_CALL_RT (   ptr)    ptr,

Definition at line 2376 of file kernel_mk.h.


#define MK_RT_CALL_X (   x)    MkRT_X(x),

Definition at line 2369 of file kernel_mk.h.


#define MK_RT_IS_ARG   1

Definition at line 2363 of file kernel_mk.h.


#define MK_RT_NULL   NULL,

Definition at line 2372 of file kernel_mk.h.



Definition at line 2378 of file kernel_mk.h.


#define MK_RT_PARSER_ONLY   MK_RT_ARGS_ONLY __parser__(internal,default=N#RUNTIME)

Definition at line 2377 of file kernel_mk.h.


#define MK_RT_PTR   mkrt

Definition at line 2373 of file kernel_mk.h.


#define MK_RT_REF   (*mkrt)

Definition at line 2374 of file kernel_mk.h.



Definition at line 2375 of file kernel_mk.h.

◆ MkRT

#define MkRT   (&MkRuntimeRLS)

Definition at line 12785 of file kernel_mk.h.

◆ MkRT_O

#define MkRT_O (   o)    ((o) && (*o).objRt ? (*o).objRt : MkRuntimeGet())

Definition at line 12789 of file kernel_mk.h.


#define MkRT_ON (   o)    ( (*o).objRt ? (*o).objRt : MkRuntimeGet())

Definition at line 12792 of file kernel_mk.h.


#define MkRT_ONN (   o)    ((*o).objRt)

Definition at line 12791 of file kernel_mk.h.

◆ MkRT_R

#define MkRT_R   (MkRuntimeRLS)

Definition at line 12786 of file kernel_mk.h.

◆ MkRT_X

#define MkRT_X (   x)    ((x) && MkOBJ_R(x).objRt ? MkOBJ_R(x).objRt : MkRuntimeGet())

Definition at line 12790 of file kernel_mk.h.


#define MkRT_XN (   x)    ( MkOBJ_R(x).objRt ? MkOBJ_R(x).objRt : MkRuntimeGet())

Definition at line 12793 of file kernel_mk.h.

◆ MkRtSetup_NULL

#define MkRtSetup_NULL   MK_RT_UNUSED MK_RT const mkrt = MkRuntimeGet();

Definition at line 12807 of file kernel_mk.h.

◆ MkRtSetup_NULL_RT

#define MkRtSetup_NULL_RT   if (mkrt == NULL) mkrt = MkRT

Definition at line 12816 of file kernel_mk.h.

◆ MkRtSetup_O

#define MkRtSetup_O (   o)    MK_RT_UNUSED MK_RT const mkrt = MkRT_O(o)

Definition at line 12803 of file kernel_mk.h.

◆ MkRtSetup_O_RT

#define MkRtSetup_O_RT (   o)    if (mkrt == NULL) mkrt = MkRT_O(o)

Definition at line 12812 of file kernel_mk.h.

◆ MkRtSetup_ON

#define MkRtSetup_ON (   o)    MK_RT_UNUSED MK_RT const mkrt = MkRT_ON(o)

Definition at line 12806 of file kernel_mk.h.

◆ MkRtSetup_ON_RT

#define MkRtSetup_ON_RT (   o)    if (mkrt == NULL) mkrt = MkRT_ON(o)

Definition at line 12815 of file kernel_mk.h.

◆ MkRtSetup_RT

#define MkRtSetup_RT (   r)    MK_RT_UNUSED MK_RT const mkrt = r;

Definition at line 12808 of file kernel_mk.h.

◆ MkRtSetup_X

#define MkRtSetup_X (   x)    MK_RT_UNUSED MK_RT const mkrt = MkRT_X(x)

Definition at line 12804 of file kernel_mk.h.

◆ MkRtSetup_X_RT

#define MkRtSetup_X_RT (   x)    if (mkrt == NULL) mkrt = MkRT_X(x)

Definition at line 12813 of file kernel_mk.h.

◆ MkRtSetup_XN

#define MkRtSetup_XN (   x)    MK_RT_UNUSED MK_RT const mkrt = MkRT_XN(x)

Definition at line 12805 of file kernel_mk.h.

◆ MkRtSetup_XN_RT

#define MkRtSetup_XN_RT (   x)    if (mkrt == NULL) mkrt = MkRT_XN(x)

Definition at line 12814 of file kernel_mk.h.

◆ MkRtSetupFromRtExt

#define MkRtSetupFromRtExt (   rtx)    MK_RT_UNUSED MK_RT const mkrt = MkRTEXT_R(rtx).mkrthead;

Definition at line 12809 of file kernel_mk.h.

◆ MkThreadLocal

#define MkThreadLocal   __thread

Definition at line 2362 of file kernel_mk.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ MkRuntimeInitF

typedef void( * libmkkernel::MkRuntimeInitF) (struct MkRuntimeS *mkRt)

additional runtime initialization function …

Every thread get a thread-specifig runtime and this runtime can be initialized with this function.

See also
libmkkernel::MkRuntimeCallbackAdd libmkkernel::MkRuntimeCallbackDel

Definition at line 12839 of file kernel_mk.h.

Function Documentation

◆ MkRuntimeCallbackAdd()

MK_EXTERN void libmkkernel::MkRuntimeCallbackAdd ( struct MkRuntimeCallbackS cbdata,
MK_RT  mkrt,
MkRuntimeInitF  rt_callback,
MK_STRN  ident 

add a callback to the runtime

The callback is used to initialize local runtime-attributes per thread. This initialization is used to do the following tasks:

  1. add a library specific new type.
  2. add a slot to an already existing type, example: libmkkernel::MkTypeS::selfCreate and libmkkernel::MkTypeS::selfDelete.

Every type is "thread-local" because every type has the type-(thread)-local memory-allocator located at libmkkernel::MkTypeS::objalloc→alloc_data and the type-local alloc-callbacks libmkkernel::MkTypeS::objalloc→alloc_createF}, libmkkernel::MkTypeS::objalloc→alloc_deleteF. The memory-allocator is thread-local because the cache is thread-local including the predefined objects. Without a thread-local type and a thread-local memory-allocater every acces to the memory-allocator (including the cache) have to be protected by a semaphore.

See also

◆ MkRuntimeCallbackDel()

MK_EXTERN void libmkkernel::MkRuntimeCallbackDel ( struct MkRuntimeCallbackS cbdata)

delete a callback from the runtime

See also

◆ MkRuntimeGet()

MK_RT libmkkernel::MkRuntimeGet ( void  )

return a initialized libmkkernel::MkRuntimeRLS

Definition at line 12948 of file kernel_mk.h.

◆ MkRuntimeInit()

MK_EXTERN MK_RT libmkkernel::MkRuntimeInit ( MK_RT const  mkrt)

initialize libmkkernel::MkRuntimeRLS

+ Here is the caller graph for this function:

Variable Documentation

◆ MkRuntimeRLS

MK_EXTERN_DATA MkThreadLocal struct MkRuntimeS libmkkernel::MkRuntimeRLS


Definition at line 12940 of file kernel_mk.h.