pylcconfig 9.0
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Setup und Cleanup the pylcconfigMore...

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LC_EXTERN void LcSetup (void)
 setup pylcconfig internal memory …
LC_EXTERN void LcCleanup (void)
 cleanup pylcconfig internal memory …

Detailed Description

Setup und Cleanup the pylcconfig

For details about Setup and Cleanup usage refer to MkKernel_Setup_C_API

Function Documentation

◆ LcCleanup()

LC_EXTERN void MK_DECL LcCleanup ( void  )

cleanup pylcconfig internal memory …

MkCleanup can only be called once and will be ignored if not called in the same thread as LcSetup. after a call to LcSetup the call to MkCleanup is possible again.

during cleanup objects will be deleted too -> the language interpreter have to be active

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◆ LcSetup()

LC_EXTERN void MK_DECL LcSetup ( void  )

setup pylcconfig internal memory …

LcSetup can only be called once, additional call's will be ignored until a LcCleanup is called.

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